Seong-Heon Jung

WERB: Fully Ruby Frontends with WASM

@ RubyConf 2023 San Diego

Nov. 13-15

Coming soon…

AI/ML Workshop for Grad Students in the Humanities

@ Brown EGYT 2200

Oct. 25, Nov. 1

As a Data Science Fellow, I developed a two-part Programming/Data Science workshop for a graduate level Egyptology course (Monumentality and Texts in ancient Egypt).

Part 1: Seeing through a computer, Part 2: Seeing beyond a computer

From Shell Programs to Data Engineering Workflows, Automatically

@ 3rd PaSh Workshop

Oct. 18

I presented my ongoing work on PaSh to fellow researchers and guests from Brown, Northwestern, Stevens Institute of Technology, and National Technical University of Athens.

Slides, Workshop Agenda